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The PROSAFE Board is mandated to establish a PROSAFE Office to support the day-to-day running of the organisation.

The Office is managed by Nicolaas Olie, Executive Director, who took up his position in May 2010. The Executive Director was appointed by and is accountable to the Board. Nicolaas is the responsible for the management of the Joint Actions that are undertaken on a periodic and continual basis.

Ioana Zlotila started working for PROSAFE in August 2010. Ioana is a Project Officer and collaborates with internationally based consultants in the project management of Joint Actions, i.e. the priority-setting exercise, application drafting, implementation, communication and the follow-up activities. She deals also with the tendering and subcontracting procedures reporting back to the Executive Director and the Senior Management of the Actions. Ioana contributed to the development of the e-learning modules and is in charge of the content management of the PROSAFE website and the DMS.

Maria Kies started working for PROSAFE in September 2010 as an accountant. She is responsible for the financial administration, financial reporting and payments. Maria also reports to the Executive Director.

Rui Jorge Carneiro started working for PROSAFE in April 2015 first as a trainee and recently as an Assistant Project Officer. He provides support and reports to the Project Officer. Rui is in charge of the administrative tasks of the Office and the projects, mail registration, document processing of travel reimbursement claims, time sheets and salary data reporting forms, also working with the DMS.

A number of consultants are also engaged on a contractual service with PROSAFE in order to effectively run and coordinate the various Joint Actions and their activities.

For further information on how to contact the Office, please click here.