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PROSAFE has successfully been implementing Joint Actions for ten years and these have become one of the primary means of cooperation within Market Surveillance in Europe.
Every Joint Action has an impact on the market and also on the market surveillance community. This is why within the framework of Joint Action 2015 (JA2015) a new method development activity has been proposed: Impact Improvement.
The objectives of this activity are to identify ways to improve the impact of the Joint Actions with a focus on communication strategies.
Improved communications should be able to better educate consumers and economic operators alike. This will empower consumers to take more informed purchasing decisions and economic operators should be better able to place only safe products on the marketplace.
The Impact Improvement activity will be led by a small group of Member States which will share their experiences and try to identify best practices. However, all the participants in the Joint Action will be consulted and will be exposed to the work of the group through a workshop session.

The following tasks have been identified:
• Establishment of a working group to exchange experience and provide a platform for the discussion of new and emerging issues;
• To organise 4 meetings of this group;
• To organise a session at a future workshop on impact improvement through enhanced communications strategies;
• Identification of existing best practices already deployed in product safety and from other fields;
• Development of best practices appropriate for the Joint Actions;
• To raise awareness as appropriate through the market surveillance workshops organised annually and to collaborate as appropriate with international partners.

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