JA2016: Child care articles 6 - Baby Carriers & Cots

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Baby CarrierChild care articles (CCA) is a significant product group. Therefore, the Member States decided to foster the safety of two specific child care articles within the framework of the Joint Action 2016. Following a priority-setting exercise that was carried out within the Joint Action 2015, they decided to focus their work on baby carriers and cots. 

This work will include surveillance activities, product testing, risk assessment of the products tested and eventual action needed to be taken. Appropriate test methods for the other products will be identified as needed depending on the products sampled. The work plan envisages a joint market surveillance activity where the participants will carry out coordinated market surveillance in their national markets. The activity comprises 6 project meetings (including a 2-day kick-off meeting), laboratory testing of an estimated 80 baby carriers and 40 cots with the results being presented at the final conference of the Joint Action.Cots


The working group is led by the Belgian authorities. The other participants of this product activity are: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, Lithuania, and Portugal.