Personal Protective Equipment: Call for tender

Activity Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is inviting laboratories to submit their tender to test climbing equipement under the EN 892:2012+A1:2016, EN 12275:2013, EN 12277:2015, EN 12492:2012, and EN 958 :2017 standard series.
Within the Joint Action 2016, which started in  September 2017 and will end in Feburary 2019, the climbing equipement is defined as: Dynamic Ropes, Connectors, Harnesses, Helmets, and Energy absorbing systems for use in klettersteig (via ferrata) climbing.

The purpose of the testing is to evaluate whether the climbing equipment concerned is safe and complies with the applicable requirements of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC or the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, as the case may be.

More detailed information is provided within the formal Call for Tender, the Appendix 1 (which you need to return to us) and the PROSAFE General Conditions for Tender. Further details regarding the task and the selection procedure can be obtained from the Activity Coordinator.

Please note that quotations must be sent in hardcopy to PROSAFE Office (Avenue des Arts/Kunstlaan 41, 2nd floor, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium) and via email no later than 17 h 00 on 5 February 2018 (CET). Quotations received after the deadline will be rejected.

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JA2016 PPE Climbing equipment Invitation to express interest

In the framework of Joint Market Surveillance Action JA2016, an umbrella project coordinated by PROSAFE and co-funded by the European Union, one of the product activities focusses on climbing equipment (PPE). This activity involves 10 market surveillance authorities from EU and EEA Member States.

The project group will soon be meeting to select the categories of equipment to be sampled and tehn ent for testing. In order to provide input for the preparation of the call for tender, PROSAFE is issuing this invitation to test laboratories to express their interest and to provide the information set out in this file.

NOTE: It should be stressed that this invitation to express interest is not the call for tender.

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