Newsletter 30.11.2009

EU Member States Take Action against Dangerous Cords and Drawstrings on Children’s Clothing

Long cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing present a serious risk to children. Therefore market surveillance authorities from 11 Member States have run a joint action to decrease the exposure of children to these risks by removing dangerous clothes from the market. Measures have been taken against more than 1.400 garments so far.

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Newsletter 11.03.2009

First Anniversary for the ban of non-child-resistant lighters and novelty lighters

Market surveillance authorities in the European Member States are busy increasing the safety of the consumer. Preliminary results show that more than 600 lighter models have been removed from the European market celebrating a 1st year anniversary of the ban against nonchild-resistant lighters and novelty lighters.

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Newsletter 11.07.2008

Joint Market Surveillance Action on Child-Resistant Lighters and Novelty Lighters 

Information from the Participants in the Joint Action to the Stakeholders on the First Test Results.

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Newsletter 09.06.2008

Joint Action on Child-Resistant Lighters and Novelty Lighters

Information from the Participants in the Joint Action to the Industry on Child-Appealing Lighters and Proving Child-Resistance.

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Newsletter 01.04.2008

Testing of lighters make Europe safer – please help

Cigarette lighters are products that must be handled with care. In the wrong hands, they can become dangerous and are the cause of numerous fires, injuries and even fatalities in Europe every year. Many incidents occur due to children playing with lighters. Europe has therefore recently decided to ban those lighters that look attractive to children (so-called novelty lighters) and lighters that are not child-resistant.

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Newsletter 11.03.2008

EU join forces - introduces sales ban of non child resistant lighters and novelty lighters 

Children’s play with dangerous lighters has caused several house fires and inflected fatal injuries to the consumers for a period of several years.

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