Posted in 2014

This Activity will focus exclusively on the physical and mechanical risks posed by fireworks and whether products are in conformity to the marking and labelling requirements.
The hazards related to fireworks are multiple and depend upon the sort of fireworks. Moreover, statistics show that spectators are also at risk (injuries are divided almost equally among people who use the fireworks and people who watch fireworks). In fact, there have been eighty-one RAPEX notifications in the past three years concerning the use of Fireworks.

In addition, the Activity will be able to benefit from the best practices developed under JA2011. Furthermore, as in the meantime the fireworks market has changed significantly, a priority-setting activity will form a key aspect of the Joint Action.
During this Activity, authorities from Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Slovenia will also carry out coordinated market surveillance in their national markets, bearing in mind the need to synchronize with New Year or other seasons when the use of fireworks is common.

• To develop best practices and exchange experience with carrying out market surveillance activities for fireworks;
• To detect dangerous fireworks on the marketplace and take action against them;
• To develop a priority-list of fireworks to be targeted in future joint actions.

The Activity comprises 6 project meetings and laboratory testing of an estimated 200 products.