MSTyr15 / Data Collection and Upload into ICSMS Storage: Call for Tender - Urgent reactions required

The EU-funded Joint Action MSTyr15 (market surveillance of tyres) is inviting IT contractors to submit their tender offer with regards to an urgent IT project consisting out of transfer of data from secure privately held database to EC database (ICSMS) through use of webtool. The data refers to  the results from inspection of energy labels on passenger car tyre class C1. Size of data store to be transferred exceeds capacity of a file stored as .xls.

Please provide:

Estimate 1: Assuming task will take 10 persons days in addition to time spent on familiarisation with both current and future host please provide your daily rate excluding the addition of VAT.

Estimate 2: an estimate of the number of days to be added for the familiarisation necessary with the multiple cell structures of the current and future hosts.

Reference 1: Details of previous experience of creating and managing data stores in which MSExcel has been a key input/output component

Reference 2: Details of previous experience of having a core management responsibility related to the large scale storage of commercially sensitive, or otherwise confidential, data.

JA2016 / Power Tools: Impact Drills - Call for Tender

The Activity Power Tools 3 of the Joint Action 2016 is inviting laboratories to submit their tender to test impact drills. Within this Joint Action, the impact drill is defined as follows:

Drill specifically designed to bore holes in concrete, stone and other materials. It is similar, in appearance and construction, to a drill, but has a built-in percussion system which gives an axial percussion movement to rotating output spindle. It may have a device for rendering the percussion system inoperative, so that it may be used as a conventional drill.

JA2016 / Electric Toys - Call for Tender

The Activity Toys 5 of the Joint Action 2016 is inviting laboratories to submit their tender to test electric toys. Within this Joint Action, electric toys are defined as battery operated toys and electrically alternating current (AC) operated products intended for use by children under 14 years of age. Some examples are: small toys that work with button cell batteries, electric ride-on toys, education and functional electric toys, and sound and/or light emitting electric toys.

JA2016: Child Care Articles: Baby Carriers and Cots - Call for Tender

The Activity Child Care Articles (CCA6) of the Joint Action 2016 is inviting laboratories to submit their tender to test baby carriers and cots. Within this Joint Action, baby carriers are defined as any product that attaches to the parent and is designed to carry/assist with carrying a child aged 2 or under. The cots to be examined are those meant for domestic use, with an internal length greater than 900mm but not more than 1400mm. 


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