Joint Action 2014 - The Final Workshop

Final workshop

PROSAFE has hosted the Final Workshop of the Joint Action 2014 on 03 May 2017, in Brussels. The project will come to an end in mid-July 2017 and the first results are starting to appear. The market surveillance activity on toys (Acoustic Toys) has published its final technical report and the document can be consulted here

The participants to the project (35 market surveillance authorities from 27 countries), stakeholders and members of the Advisory Board took part in the event. The Agenda and presentations are available if you log in and access the Annual Workshops page.

An Efficient CIMS Review in The Netherlands

The Second CIMS Review of the Joint Action 2015 held in the Netherlands between 14 and 16 February 2017 had great results and was beneficial to both the host authority as well as for the reviewing team. Following the meeting hosted by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, NVWA, a final report has been published. The document offers a brief overview of the main results, conclusions and recommendations. The report is available in the Members area of the PROSAFE website.
Authorities from Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia participated in a three-day-meeting held at the NVWA Offices, in Utrecht and Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands.
The first CIMS Review of JA2015 took place in Bulgaria and was organised by the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Services (SAMTS), in October 2016.

Joint Action 2015 Annual Market Surveillance Workshop


PROSAFE is hosting the Annual Market Surveillance Workshop organised under the framework of Joint Action 2015. The event will take place between 30 and 31 May 2017, in Brussels, at PROSAFE Offices. 

The first day of the Workshop is dedicated to the Market Surveillance Authorities participating to Joint Action 2015 and will be preceded by the General Assembly Meeting (in the morning of 30 May).

The second day is open to all interested parties and the Agenda can be accessed here
Please note that registration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is mandatory at latest by 22 May.

Joint Action 2015 - An Overview of the Activities

Joint Action 2015 is almost halfway and the market surveillance authorities from 26 EU and EEA countries are continuously working to identify and remove unsafe products from 5 categories: soothers and soother holders, plasticised toys, playgrounds, power tools and household electrical appliances. 

Collage JA2015

Child Care Articles 5 - Soothers and Soother-Holders
The participants to this activity have agreed upon the sampling criteria of the products and are also taking into account sampling from online retailers. In addition, a laboratory has been contracted and is expected to test approximately 100 soothers and 150 soother holders.

CIMS Review in The Netherlands                    Feb. 2017


The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, NVWA, has hosted the second CIMS Review of JA2015, coordinated by PROSAFE. The meeting took place on 14-15-16 February 2017, at the NVWA Offices, in Utrecht and Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands. The host welcomed the participating authorities from Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia.
The meeting gave the participants the opportunity to share information, best practices and review the NVWA market surveillance system and procedures. The review team will prepare a report to highlight the findings of the CIMS three-days-meeting, which will be published on the members' only section of the website.

JA2015 Household electrical appliances - Call for Tender

Activity Household electrical appliances is inviting laboratories to submit their tender to test household electrical toasters, mixers and blenders under the EN 60335 standard series.   
household appliances2Within this Joint Action, which started in April 2016 and will end in March 2018, the household electrical appliances are defined as: TOASTERS (plastic and metal-body types), HAND-HELD MIXERS and BLENDERS (freestanding only and not part of a food processor).
More detailed information is provided within the formal Call for Tender, the Appendix 1 (which you need to returnto us) and the PROSAFE General Conditions for Tender. Further details regarding the task and the selection procedure can be obtained from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Please note that quotations must be sent in hardcopy to PROSAFE Office (Avenue des Arts/Kunstlaan 41, 2nd floor, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium) and via email no later than noon on Monday 6 March 2017 (CET). Quotations received after the deadline will be rejected.

MSTyr15 WP5 - Call For Tender - CLOSED

calls tender jpg 61418 13

WP5 Inspection and Testing is enquiring whether test laboratories are interested to submit a call for tender for the testing of car tyres type C1. The testing activity covers summer and winter car tyres.
The purpose of the testing is to support market surveillance for summer and winter car tyres in order to verify the following performance values: wet grip and rolling resistance, declared on car tyre labels, in the framework of European Regulation on Tyre Labelling (EC) nr. 1222/2009 amended by Commission Regulation (EU) nr.1235/2011.
The testing must be based on the requirements defined in these specific regulations considering, as far applicable, also the standards ISO 28580, ISO 23671 and ISO 15222.
However, more detailed information is provided within the formal Call for tender and the PROSAFE General Conditions for Tender. Quotations should be received in hardcopy at the PROSAFE Office, Avenue des Arts/Kunstlaan 41, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium and via email to the Activity Facilitator and PROSAFE Office. The tender should be sent not later than Friday, 10 February 2017, EOB (Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour). Quotations received after the deadline will be rejected.

Call for Expressions of Interest to Deliver Consultancy Services

PROSAFE is looking for market surveillance experts to provide consultancy services for the Joint Action 2016. The project will probably start in the beginning 2017 and will consist out of a mixture of method development activities and product activies. The latter are Toys nr. 5 (electrical), Childcare articles nr. 6 (baby carriers and cots), Household Electrical Appliances2 (hair care products), Handheld Power Tools (impct drills) and Climbing equipment. To read the call please click here. Individuals interested in submitting their application are invited to send their CV and a cover letter with the portfolio not later than  20 January 2017 to Nicolaas Olie, Executive Director