In the framework of EMARS 1, PROSAFE issued the Book on Best Practice Techniques in Market Surveillance.The main purpose of the Book is to present information on best practices in market surveillance that have been collected from the Member States as well as other countries.

The main target audience is the enforcement authorities in Europe who will find descriptions of procedures and best practices to inspire their organisations' continuous development. Nevertheless, other interested parties including policymakers, regulators, businesses and consumer representatives will find that this book provides them with additional insights into the practice of market surveillance. 

If you wish to download a soft copy, please click on the links: the Book of Best Practice and the Annexes.

One of the aims of the EMARS 2 project was to keep the book up to date, and one of the challenges was to bring chapter 10 on Risk Assessment (incl. annex B and C) in line with the final published version of the EU Risk Assessment Guidelines. The revised Book was not published in printed form, but the improved sections are made available below: 

PROSAFE has issued a revised Corrective Actions Guide in the framework of the EMARS II project. If you are a producer or distributor of consumer products on sale in the European Union (EU), this Guide endeavours to provide general advice about what you should do if you have evidence that one of your products is unsafe.
The Guide is aimed particularly at management with responsibility regarding product safety compliance, quality control, legal affairs and public and corporate relations within businesses and organisations.

If you wish to download a soft copy, please click on the links: Corrective Actions Guide and the Annexes.

The Czech version of the Corrective Action Guide from the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing websites in the frame of best practices and information sharing can be downloaded here.

In the attempt to bring all participating MSAs up to a similar level of enforcement, the Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 (MSTyr15) adopted a series of Good Practice guidelines.
You can download these from below:

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