News release 24.11.2021

EEPLIANT3 2nd Newsletter

After 30 months of collaborative work, how well are we delivering on our promises, and how much progress have we made to date? In June 2019, the EU-funded EEPLIANT3 Concerted Action pledged reinforced transnational compliance controls and a series of innovations to improve the market surveillance of energy-related products placed on the Single Market. We promised a transformational change to help fulfil part of the EU’s climate commitments by 2050.

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News Release 14.07.2021

JAHARP2020 Press Release on the official launch of the Triplet Actions

On 6 July 2021, in a virtual conference, PROSAFE, 29 Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) from 22 European countries, and the European Commission/DG GROW officially launched the EU co-funded Joint Market Surveillance Actions on Harmonised Products 2020 - the JAHARP2020 Triplet.

The JAHARP2020 Triplet benefits from €2.1M EU-funding and is formed by three autonomous yet synergetic market surveillance Joint Actions ― JAHARP2020-1, JAHARP2020-2, JAHARP2020-3 ― with a duration of 24 months (May 2021 to May 2023).

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News Release 18.02.2021

EEPLIANT3 Press Release - 2nd Advisory Board and Management Team Meetings

On 9 and 10 February 2021, the EEPLIANT3 Concerted Action hosted its second Advisory Board (AB) and Management Team (MT) virtual meetings respectively. Reviewing the progress of the project activities and reflecting on the identified challenges and issues to date were at the core of the agendas and the discussions during the two events. Each event was attended by more than 45 participants from the European Commission, European Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs), industry and environmental associations (joining only the AB meeting).

Both meetings triggered numerous follow-up consultations aiming to further improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of EU Market Surveillance on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling.

Discover more on the main topics and issues discussed during the two meetings in this Press Release published in English GB and French FR

News Release 30.11.2020

EEPLIANT3 Interim Newsletter

Eighteen months after the launch of the EEPLIANT3 Concerted Action and while still navigating through the COVID-19 health crisis, it is time for an update on the progress of the project activities. This interim edition of our Newsletter provides a snapshot of the key facts and the preliminary findings across all Work Packages to date. Under this Action, 29 partners from 20 EU Member States and Turkey verify whether products sold in the European Single Market follow the requirements laid out in the ecodesign and energy labelling regulations.
Six product sectors are targeted: air conditioners and comfort fans, household tumble driers, water heaters and hot water storage tanks, ventilation units, lighting products, and local space heaters — the last two activities kick start in 2021. EEPLIANT3 stands out not only for promoting shared EU-wide inspection procedures and joint sampling and testing programmes, but also for addressing market surveillance challenges hand-to-hand with the key stakeholders of each sector, including the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling AdCos.
Discover more about the roadmap and the main activities undertaken in this interim newsletter.

News Release 27.07.2020

First Newsletter from the JAHARP18 project

In July 2020 the Joint Market Surveillance Action on HARmonized Products 2018 – JAHARP18 – completed the first 9-months of its implementation. The EU co-funded project comprises two product-specific activities relating to Recreational Craft Directive (RCD, jet skis and small inflatable boats) and Low Voltage Directive (LVD, Portable Room Heaters).

The action has two key objectives: (i) to improve safety and reduce accidents relating to two selected product groups; (ii) to decrease unfair competition in the European Single Market. 11 Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) from 9 European Union (EU) Member States participate and carry out the product inspections and testing. European Commission (EC)/DG GROW oversees the planning and execution of the activities. PROSAFE is the Project Coordinator.

Read more in the actual news release in Bulgarian BG Flag ; English GB

Press release 28.02.2020

Final Press Release from the EEPLIANT2 Joint Action

The EEPLIANT2 Joint Action publishes its Final Press Release showcasing the project’s outputs and results.
Through the joint monitoring, verification and enforcement activities carried out by the Consortium (17 Market Surveillance Authorities, one national agency and PROSAFE) the EU-funded project revealed high levels of non-compliance of the energy efficiency requirements provided by the EU Energy Labelling regulation and Ecodesign directives.
Get in touch with the team for more details and information! Please also follow us on @EEPLIANT.

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Press Release 10.02.2020

First press release on the launch of the JAHARP18 project

On 21 and 22 January 2020, 30 delegates from 10 European Union (EU) Member States, the European Commission and the industry gathered in Brussels to discuss on and help set-up the project plan for the new the Joint Market Surveillance Action on Harmonised Products - JAHARP18

JAHARP18 aims to reduce accidents relating to two risk-prone product categories, Recreational Craft and Portable Room Heaters, and also decrease unfair competition in the EU market. The overarching objective of the Action is to help protect the health and safety of European consumers and generate real-life impacts.

Read more about the project and the Launch Conference here.


News release 28.10.2019

Final newsletter from the Joint Action 2016

The final results of the Joint Market Surveillance Action on Consumer Products 2016 (JA2016) are now out and the overview of findings can be reviewed in the latest published Newsletter.

31 Market Surveillance Authorities from 24 European countries work jointly to keep European consumers safe.
The Joint Market Surveillance Action on Consumer Products 2016 (JA2016) is a 26-month pan-European project co-funded by the European Union (EU) that focusses on consolidating and enhancing product safety through effective market surveillance on 5 target product categories across the European Economic Area (EEA). The project is coordinated by PROSAFE, a non-profit NGO - The Product Safety Forum of Europe formed by market surveillance officers and based in Brussels.
The final results from the product inspections, testing and Method Development activities were presented at a 2-day open Final Conference held on 17 and 18 September in Brussels. 

Read more in the actual news release Bulgaria ; Poland flag


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